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Manicures and Pedicures

At Sonet Beauty & Wellbeing disposable liners are used in the pedicure foot spa bowl to provide a more hygienic system than traditional pedicure bowls.


Ladies please bring loose, open toed shoes or ‘flip flops’ to wear after your pedicure (if having Shellac then your nails will be completely dry when you leave the salon).

If desired, you may purchase your chosen colour of nail polish at a reduced price of £3.50 on day of treatment to have at home.

RRP £5.20 

Shape & Nail Polish £14


Shape & Cuticle Tidy (no polish) £14


Essential Manicure £25

File, cuticle tidy, moisturise & nail paint.


Essential Pedicure £25

File, cuticle tidy, moisturise & nail paint (no soak or exfoliation).


Classic Pedicure £34

File, soak, cuticle tidy, exfoliate, moisturise & nail paint.


Luxury Pedicure £42

A complete pampering session for your feet.  File, soak, cuticle tidy, exfoliate & hard skin removal, soak, moisturise, heated bootees, massage to feet & lower legs. Nail paint.


If you have a lot of hard skin on your feet then the Callus Peel Foot Treatment is recommended (see below).  

Callus Foot Peel Treatment

This can be booked as a treatment on its own or together with a pedicure

Heels £20

Heels & Soles £26

Do you suffer from a lot of hard skin on your feet?

At last, a treatment peel strong enough to remove the hard skin on your heels or balls of the feet. This gentle, yet effective treatment softens and smoothes cracked heels without using blades or excessive filing. Great results after just 1 treatment and it’s completely painless and leaves no sensitivity. This treatment can be taken on its own or added when having a pedicure. Recommended every 2- 3 weeks since it is a treatment not a cure.

Pregnancy:  As the Callus Remover consists of over 99% natural ingredients, it is safe to use during pregnancy.  The Aftercare Cream contains a small element of essential oils and medical opinion is that these should be avoided in the first trimester.

Shellac by CND

  • No waiting for your nails to dry - Shellac dries immediately! 
  • Ideal for when you need to put shoes or boots on straight away.
  • Can last up to 2 weeks on hands (even longer on feet).


Shellac helps maintain natural nails. It can offer support and protection to the natural nail which allows nail growth without breakage.

Shellac is cured within minutes by UV light. Your nails are completely dry by the time your manicure or pedicure is finished and strong enough to withstand accidental knocks.

Shellac Gel Colour will require soaking off and cannot be removed with regular nail polish remover.  


Shellac Manicure or Pedicure £32

File, shape & cuticle tidy. Shellac Gel Colour of your choice finished with a nourishing cuticle oil, moisturise & massage.


Shellac Pedicure Plus £42

As with the Shellac Pedicure above with the addition of exfoliation, removal of rough skin and foot soak. Finished with a nourishing cuticle oil, moisturise and foot massage.


Shellac Removal, Soak & Tidy £12 

Shellac removal is free of charge if being re-applied the same day.



Shellac may not suit everyone and there is no guarantee that Shellac will definitely last 2 weeks.  If your nails are weak or peeling (sometimes caused by medication) it might be a better option to have a few regular manicures to help strengthen your nails first.

Shellac nails, although pretty hard wearing, do need a little care and attention. If doing tough jobs like household cleaning or gardening, hobbies that are rough on your hands or using harsh chemical products without wearing gloves then this may mar the life of your Shellac Colour.

A cuticle oil is applied to the nails after the application of your Shellac.  It is recommended that this cuticle oil  is applied daily while your Shellac is on to keep your nails and cuticles hydrated. Using a cuticle oil also improves the longevity of Shellac.

If something you have done has caused a chip or lifted an edge of your Shellac manicure please do NOT pick or pull at the area, as this will cause any damage to increase.  Please call me on 07740 592380 so that I can help you decide if a repair is necessary.  Please note that repairs will be chargeable.

If you are on holiday please be careful when using sun tan oils or insect repellent solutions as many of these products contain solvent oils which will cause major damage to the Shellac colour coat.


Some of the more delicate Shellac colours can fade somewhat in chlorinated water followed by excessive sun (remember that chlorine is a bleach and sun intensifies the bleaching action).  Dry your hands and nails after swimming and before sunbathing to minimize any colour fading.

If you wish to temporarily change the colour of your nails whilst wearing Shellac you can use nail polish over the Shellac but please be sure to use an Acetone Free Remover if removing nail polish between appointments.

It is recommended that removal of Shellac Colour is done professionally in the salon and takes about 10/15mins or if you decide you want to remove it yourself at home then Shellac Removal Products are available to purchase in salon. Incorrect removal at home may damage the surface of your nails.


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